Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fly Away!

So my mom went in to the hospital and it got to be pretty serious so I got a plane ticket, and in an effort to use up the time waiting for the plane, and keep my mind occupied, I gave the airport a good going over, as I haven't flown in about 13 years or so!  Things are quite different.  First of all, no plastic boarding passes, you print an email and scan it at a kiosk and boom, it prints your boarding passes for your entire trip in one swoop!  However, I don't like the paper, it reminds me of the old fax paper, really flimsy.
I didn't have to print the email!  I just used my iPhone, I knew that it could be scanned for my barcode at CVS and Big Lots (MyCard App) anyway, and I haven't had the chance to hook up the printer since I fixed it from it's crash, plus the whole getting ready and leaving for the airport in the middle of the night thing!  Anyway, it worked and it was awesome, one less piece of paper to keep up with!

Once I got through scrutiny security lots more things have changed, like this! Free internet, really! That's cool, but as I thought about it, this must be old too, everyone has internet on their phone now! I almost missed an entire life cycle of something, ha ha ha!

I was delighted to see some familiar relics of the past though!!! Phone booths!!  They could still be phone booths but are more likely jungle gyms for the little kids in the terminal.

 I labeled for the Gen Y and later readers who are like "WHAT IS THAT?"
Look, they didn't recycle this one, shame shame!!

I thought they didn't have these anymore, but I found one!

However, and that's a big however!!! This phone has a data port and takes credit cards....SAY WHAT, that's amazing, they retrofitted a phone with that stuff!!!  Must've been a last ditch effort to save em!

Next I saw this phone, way cool, but the iPhone 4S is making this one obsolete now! Still cool though!!

Lastly, check out this vending machine!! WOOOOOO DOGGIE....C4 is $79.99!!!  Talk about inflation, well it is a battery pack for an iPhone.  Forget ear buds, need an iPod, how 'bout a digital camera!  Seriously a vending machine with it's own TV and advertising for itself. A-MA-ZING!!!!  I did find "traditional" vending machines at the next airport, but they also take credit cards...Super Cool and Super Crazy! Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Remo Update

Here is the pic of the front door, not quite finished yet!

Science Projects

Last night was science family night at school so I came home and the density experiment with the children, we had lots of fun!
Here's what we did.
Pyrex full of fresh water, egg sinks, orange floats, we even weighed them and they happened to weigh the same.
Now we added salt to the water to increase the density.
Now Check this, they both float!!
Hmmmm does this work with sugar too!!  Why yes it does, but it took almost twice as much.  We used two-three heaping tablespoons of salt and 5-6 tablespoons of sugar, but again they floated!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mobs of Weeds and Broken backs

Somehow our backyard, which btw was completely devoid of vegetation after days of record heat and drought this summer, is now the lushest green garden of eden full of weeds you have ever seen.  I mean I'm embarrassed to live here!  In my defense, all of spring break it was rainy wet (and I've had plenty of other projects on my list) so I couldn't get out there to do anything about it!!!! But I couldn't handle anymore so i spent from like 5 till dark weeding and mowing yesterday.  I had gloves on and after working on just about half of the back yard, the milkweed "milk" had gone through the gloves and stained my hand.  I showed several people at work today, weird stain, just the part of my hand i used to pull.  Someone asked why I didn't put down granules, and I was like, well they wouldn't have reached the ground, they would've all had little granule penthouse apartments!  Now that I've mowed, weed wacked, and pulled gads of weeds, you bet this normally organic person is going to douse the grass areas with a serious dose of granules and spray!!!

So this morning I needed a crane to lift me out of my bed my back was SOOOO incredibly sore, OMG!!!!! SORE!  Yes, I suppose it's true, when it comes to the physical body, I'm a moaner, HA HA HA HA!  Anyway, underneath all the weeds I found my lovely Sweet Williams (flowers) that i planted last year!  Blooming as pretty as can be and the salvia, and now you can even see the grapevine with the super tiny grape clusters, WOO HOO!  I need to catch up with Spring break, oh yes, we were on Wednesday of last week, on Thursday we went to the zoo, but those pics are on a different camera, that's a horse of a different color, I'll have to do those this weekend.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Remo Day 3, Install Double Oven, Install Front Door and ETC

So...first order of the day, run to Lowes, get some lumber needed to get our "new" wall oven in!! YES!  Get home with lumber and WAIT...HOLD THE PHONE!!!  I didn't notice but precious people that owned this house before did not do a stand up job when they installed the old golden harvest double ovens.  So my appliance garage (the compartment directly above the ovens) is split down the middle!!! Lovely! REALLY, in what universe is this a good idea.  Didn't plan this of course when i bought the lumber and after much working in this area, it turns out that it will be better on the integrity of the structure to just shore it up, which is good, because i can use ugly wood for that, no one's going to see it.

Before the final "shore up" of my appliance garage shelf, i half to put in the box and the oven to make sure there is enough room for everything in there.  The oven is pretty heavy and we've already lifted it up in to the hole and set it on the frame i built, so we're not taking it out, cause i only had the little wifey to help!!! So now it's quite tricky to get the box in behind the oven! But here it is, Steph was laughing at me trying to hold the screw and the drill and squeezing it in to that small space!  So if you do this make sure the power's off of course, then install your box, and connect your oven before you lift it up in to the hole!

Now the oven is in, hooked up to power.

WOO HOO doesn't it look good!!  It is occurring to me that it is going to need more frame to go up and around the side and top so....
So you can't see it very well but now there is frame around the oven.  The appliance garage is shored up with 2X4's and the old shelf we had to cut out to fit this one in.  I've even attached the bottom "kick plate" in this picture.

Here it is with the rest of the moulding, working on the 40 coats of paint right now!
Finished just in time for lunch, let's see if this craigslist purchase works!  Crossing fingers!

Wow, I forgot how to cook in a real oven.  It works great!!! Thank you Lord, this was much easier that cutting out the cabinets under the cook top.
So, momma was scheduled to hand with a girlfriend for the afternoon, so we popped in I Love Lucy, which the girlies like to watch and I guess it is rather benign, it's free of a lot of stuff in TV today, but we've noticed it has it's issues!
Anyway, while we're watching, I'm inspired to help Annelise with her project for India that she is doing.  If you want to check it out go here BARRETTES FOR BANGALORE

We made a new "story board" like thing with puff paint, cut lots of fabric and made a huge mess!!!!

YAY Mommy's home, time to work on the front door!!! I don't like peeling away moulding that has been painted 95 times and is 50 years old, but you gotta do what you gotta do!!  Our old front door was super duper old, most likely original, and any frail old grandma could've kicked her foot right through it. I forgot to take a before pic but you can see it in the background.  In fact, i didn't take any pictures after these, too tired i guess!  I don't even have one of the finished product, i'll take one tomorrow in the daylight!
 I have to cut it here, I don't have any more energy OR pictures. The door came out and the new went in fairly well.  I'll plug in the pics later.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Remo Day 2

Today, moving a little slower because those doors got me using muscles "I taint never used before!"  Just kidding, but I haven't used them in a long time, that's for sure! On the slate for today, a trailer full of stuff to storage an hour away where we plan to move!  Simon was waiting in the car, and just like all the other little foxes, he got in to mommy's make-up bag!!! Naughty little fox!!

So i did a quick search for the other's pics, i couldn't find O's and J's mascara pics, but I'm positive we have one! But' here's A's, I'll try to post the others when i find them, it's funny!

So here are the ovens.  Years ago, I took the door off and painted it a nice bisque, but upon putting it back in, I scratched it up so bad, I decided it wasn't worth all the trouble to do the lower oven, yes, so we've been living with this for years now...BUT NO MORE, HA HA HA! (evil laugh)
That thing is heavy!

The empty hole is the wrong size for the new one, of course, i really wasn't expecting it to be the right size!  More to come tomorrow!

Spring Break Remo Day 1

Ahhh, Spring Break!  Sipping coffee in your robe outside in the lovely weather, making pancakes for the kiddos, enjoying the fam, nice easy pace.  EHHHHHHHHHHHH, nope, not this spring break, time to knock out some work.
Today on the slate, about 7 trips to Lowes with the trailer!  Just kidding, only two! The key is, involve everybody, ALL Work!!! HA HA HA, yeah right!
 Here's my little love, she is large and in charge let me tell ya, bossing anyone around that comes near her on this get up, definitely the captain of the ship!!!  What a doll!
 Here is the sliding and i use the word sliding loosely, because this door didn't slide much, more like grind to the left, grind to the right!  You should see O's biceps!

 Here it is from the outside!!  With my lovely mirrored tint i put on a few years ago, and my wife promptly (the same week) taped a note to it and when the note came off, so did the tint, you can actually see it if you look closely in the picture above. It was funny....a while after!  We joked that it was our little peep hole thru the tint!

 Yikes it looks like I'm wearing a dress in this picture, what gives!
 Poof, the doors are gone!
Where's my hammer!!!!

 Daddy, can you just leave it like this? No one actually said that, but i thought they might!
Poof the doors are in, YEAH RIGHT, after much positioning and repositioning and repositioning

 Some more adjustment.
 Installing the locks things for the non-handled door.

 A's putting in those annoying little covers for the screws, OMG!!
Don't look close though, lots of trimming needed, but I foresee some more adjusting!  It rained today and of course the doors absorbed all that humidity and it made them not shut quite right!
I like for my doors to just click shut, and latch and lock without any major effort!  I want my three year old to be able to shut the door and lock it.  Anyway!

After all is said and done, made some chicken and rice, provisions for the rest of the week!  Kept me up way too late!!